“We just want our day in court.”

Dustin Smith, Jackson County WV 

In 1989, Dustin Smith bought their dream home on 81 rural acres in Jackson County, West Virginia.  Twenty-one years later, the Smiths sued 4 natural gas drilling firms alleging the natural gas wells drilled on their property in 2008 contaminated their drinking water and caused physical harm. 

Smith Lawsuit 4 min YouTube video

Lax or absent state regulations create situations like photo below. The home on the left was built before their neighbors leased their land to natural gas drillers. What do you think the home’s value is today?

In 2005 Stacie and Casey Griffith built the home below on Plum Run in Marion County, West Virginia.  The fracking & drilling started shortly thereafter. The photo below was taken May 2012 just before the natural gas driller began hydraulic fracturing two of the five horizontal wells drilled on the site. The family moved to a hotel for a week during the fracking.

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